Favourite Fall Treats for Fido

In preparation for Fall, I have scoured the internet blogs and Pinterest posts to find my personal favourite recipes for your dog to enjoy this season. 

When I think of treats for dogs in the Fall, my favourite ingredients include pumpkin (obviously), apple, cranberry, cinnamon and more!

I came across this perfect Puppuccino recipe on Lola the Pitty (link here). I almost squealed when I saw the simple THREE ingredient recipe to make a healthy, easy and super Autumn themed treat for your dog.

The three ingredients are unsweetened coconut milk (or substitute almond milk!), pure pumpkin puree (so great for a dog if they have an upset tummy and helps with digestion) and cinnamon (a great anti-inflammatory and can regulate blood sugar).

Another super simple and healthy recipe for your dog to enjoy this season is this banana, strawberry, & peanut butter biscuit. You can use different sized cookie cutters to make the treats the size best suited for your dog and you can even freeze the extras and give these yummy treats year round. I love the rustic look of this treat and that is probably what most makes this feel Fall inspired!

This recipe was spotted on The Cozy Cook website and can be found right here

First off I have to let you know this donut recipe DOES require you to have a donut mould, but if you do, you're in luck because this treat looks SO delicious. The combination of cinnamon and applesauce makes this the perfect Fall treat, and to be honest I wouldn't be upset about eating one of these myself.

The donut recipe can be found at Pretty Fluffy here

So not only does this Fall treat recipe include pumpkin and apple, it also includes mint and parsley to give your dog fresh breath! It's a simple recipe, and I adore the personalized touch the recipe creator added by stamping in letters for her dogs name! She actually snagged the custom cookie cutters from this Etsy shop owner!

Find the full recipe and instructions from Damn Delicious here.


**All photos and recipes are from the linked websites**

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