Let's Break the Ice!

I'm so glad you came to this page to check out a little bit of the behind the scenes of Walk in the Bark.

My name is Natasha, and I've run Walk in the Bark since November 2014. Walk in the Bark was built during a time when my daily office job was absolutely wearing me down. The grind of getting up every morning to go to an office where I had no passion was exhausting and I knew I needed to make a change.

No exaggeration, I probably work almost twice as many hours now than I did at my full time job, but these hours are the most fulfilling and fun hours I could imagine spending. 

So, a little about me!

I am a Canadian, vegetarian, reality TV junkie who lives with her husband (married 05.05.2018) and 8 year old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. I enjoy travelling when I can, sleeping in when I can, and drinking a large fancy hipster latte when I can, and I will ALWAYS cry when Chandler proposes to Monica no matter how many times I watch Friends. 

My favourite smell is a mixture of garlic and sesame oil (if you haven't started a stir fry with these two ingredients, give it a shot, you won't be disappointed). My favourite flowers are peonies and tulips, and my favourite wine is...ALL WINE! Seriously, I don't discriminate against any wine...except maybe the kinds that turn my mouth purple.

My dog, Decker, is the greatest treasure to me in the world. We brought him home September 9th, 2013. He loves 'working' with me in my office and snoozes on one of his two beds in there. When I ask Decker if he wants to 'go to work' he ZOOMS upstairs to the office (which may or may not make my heart explode). 

Thank you for hanging out with me! I'm always open to chat. When you email Walk in the Bark or comment on our Instagram, it is always me, Natasha, responding!